Blond Gets Worked Over By S/M Couple @

When you have as much sex as I do you need to get into stuff other than vanilla to keep it interesting. That’s where S/M and bondage come in. Mind you, good leather and S/M gear is expensive, which is why I’m glad my husband is doing well financially… But when you get into S/M it can be a lot of fun…

The pics today (from remind me of some of the scenes my husband and I have done. Sometimes we bring in some “innocent” girl and work her over. Other times he’ll bring in a dominatrix and work me over (that’s always fun!). In these pics an innocent blonde girl gets tied up, gagged, and her pussy and ass are left as big gaping holes… (Yummm!)

Girl with a bit in her mouth being worked over by another girl

Blond girl getting fucked in the ass while she's held down by a brunette

Blonde getting her pussy fucked by S/M couple

Girl anally raped by S/M couple

Girl with a well fucked ass and pussy

Those are some well fucked holes in that last pic!

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Guys Who Like Getting Pissed On @

I usually like the man to be in charge when we have sex, but there are times when my husband wants me to work over a guy for him – completely humiliate the guy and treat him like a piece of trash. It’s actually sorta fun – I’ll piss on him, whip him, tie him up and torture his dick and balls – you name it. Many times once the guy is completely degraded my husband will fuck him, cum in his ass, and then send him home.

These pics from remind me of the guys I’ve pissed on… They were hot scenes…

Guy laying on the floor getting pissed on by two girls

Full stream of piss - right in the face of a guy

Girl pissing in a guy's face

Girl pissing in a guy's face

Girl pissing into a guy's ass

That guy (Mickey G.) is pretty hardcore – wanting girls to piss in his ass…

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2 Girls, 1 Guy = Hot Anal Sex @

If you’ve been reading this for a while you’ll know I love anal sex. Of course the best way to get anal sex started is getting your ass rimmed. A lot of guys aren’t into it, but it feels so good… In the pics today two really pretty girls (Carmella Bing and Eva Angelina) from work each other over and then get fucked in the ass by a guy with a nice big dick…

Two pretty brunettes showing their ass holes and pussies

Group of girls working over a girl

Girl about to get fucked in the ass

Girl sitting on hard raw dick

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Girl-on-Girl Gangbang @

While I usually have sex with guys, sometimes sex with other girls is fun too. Usually girls are more inhibited than I am and find me a threat (afraid I’m going to have sex with their man – guess that’s a real issue, but whatever…) Anyway, sometimes I come across a girl who love sex as much as I do and then we’ll hookup with my husband and/or one of our fuck buddies. Every now and then there aren’t any men around to fuck us, and we have to have our own fun. While I’m not a lesbian – I do love sex and have no problem playing with other women.

There’s a small group of lesbians about an hour from where I live that get together for parties. They’re not the normal political lesbians – they’re sex crazed girls who love to play rough. These pics from remind me of the times I’ve gone and played with them… I mean, they’re seriously crazy bitches (though they wouldn’t like me using that word – still it seems appropriate)…

Group of girls gangbanging another girl

Group of girls working over a girl

Girl getting gangbanged by other girls

Girl getting raped by other girls

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Enjoying The Taste Of Cum @

Usually when guys fuck me they cum in my ass or pussy – I like the idea of being inseminated – It feels natural to me. But every now and then I want to taste a guys sperm – it does have a wonderful salty taste to it (most of the time)…

The pics today are from – it’s a whole bunch of pics of girls proudly displaying their man’s load in their mouths…

read headed girl with cum in her mouth

blond girl with cum in her mouth

black girl with cum in her mouth

brunette with curly hair with cum in her mouth

blonde with curly hair with cum in her mouth

brunette with cum in her mouth

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Brittney Skye and Rita Faltoyano in a 3-way with a hot guy @

While I ususally have married guys fuck me on the side, ’cause their wives wouldn’t approve, there are also guys who like to do threeways with their wives. Really it makes sense. The guy is going to have a wandering eye and will wind up fucking other women – it’s just a fact of life – men are pigs (thank god!). So if you’re the jealous type it’s actually smarter to tell your husband he can only fuck other women if you’re able to join in. Of course, you have to make sure that you make it a fun occasion – and don’t bring your insecurities into the bedroom – that’s a miserable experience for everyone… But think about it – this way your man gets “variety” and you know what he’s up to and may even have some fun yourself…

These pics with Brittney Skye and Rita Faltoyano from reminded me of the good times I’ve spent getting fucked by husband-wife teams. When they’re comfortable with it, it can be a blast…

Muscle boy having sex with two chicks

Hot girl riding a hard raw dick

Girls having sex with a hot guy

View all pics from this scene

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